Martin Acres Neighborhood Association Bylaws


The name of this organization is the Martin Acres Neighborhood Association, hereafter referred to as the Association.


Said organization is organized to:

  1. promote the quality of the neighborhood enclosed in its boundaries;

  2. monitor actions by other organizations, city, state and federal governments as those actions affect the quality of the neighborhood, including those actions which are outside the boundary of the neighborhood;

  3. promote actions by city, state and federal governments which will enhance the quality of the neighborhood;

  4. join with other neighborhood associations to promote the above goals.


The by-laws shall contain provisions for the regulation and management of the affairs of the Association. These by-laws may be amended, repealed, added to or altered by a majority vote of the membership present in person at a properly called meeting having a quorum. Notice of this meeting shall contain proposed by-law changes.


Any person 18 years of age or older who lives in the area bounded by Baseline, Broadway, Table Mesa Drive and U.S. Highway 36 shall be a member of the Association. Each member shall have one vote.


  1. Annual Meeting: There shall be a meeting of the members in March of each year at a public place. Day and hour shall be designated by the President and stated in notice of such meeting.

  2. Special Meetings: Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Steering Committee or upon written request of twenty members. Such written request shall be presented to the President of the Association. Special meetings shall be held in a public place at a day and hour as designated by the President and stated in the notice of such meetings.

  3. Notice of Meetings: Notice of annual and special meetings shall be announced in the local newspaper and/or the Martin Acres Neighborhood Association newsletter and/or by notices distributed throughout the neighborhood at least seven days prior to the meeting.

  4. Quorum: A quorum at any meeting of the Association’s membership shall consist of ten members in addition to any four of the Steering Committee members.

  5. Waiver of Notice: Any member who attends a meeting shall be considered to have received notice of such meeting.


  1. Steering Committee

    1. There shall be a Steering Committee whose function will be to direct the affairs of the Association, set policies of the Association, approve all fund-raising activities of the Association, including grant and funding requests, and oversee and coordinate Association programs.

    2. The Steering Committee shall consist of the officers of the Association and the coordinators of the standing committees.

      1. The Officers shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

      2. The standing committees shall be Beautification, Neighborhood Communication, Block Organization, Special Events, Zoning and Code Enforcement, Voice Newsletter and/or such others as created by the membership of the Association.

    3. Election of Steering Committee members shall be by majority vote of the Association membership at the annual meeting. The Steering Committee will present the slate; nominations shall also be taken from the floor.

    4. The Steering Committee shall meet at least once every two months, and such meetings shall be open to the public.

    5. A quorum at any meeting of the Steering Committee shall consist of one-half of the constituted members of the Steering Committee.

    6. Each member of the Steering Committee shall have one vote.

  2. Steering Committee members shall serve for one year. Their terms shall commence after the close of the annual meeting and run until the close of the next year’s annual meeting. All Steering Committee members may serve for more than one term, consecutively or non-consecutively.

  3. Steering Committee members may be removed by majority vote of the Association’s members at a special meeting called for that purpose. A new Steering Committee member (except for the President) shall then be elected by nomination from the floor. A new President shall be elected under the same procedures as Article VI, Section 1, Sub-section c.

  4. If a vacancy shall occur in the Steering Committee by reason of death, disability, or resignation, the Steering Committee shall fill the vacancy by temporary appointment until an election is held at a properly called meeting of the membership. If the vacancy is in the Presidency, the Vice-President shall serve as President, and a special meeting shall be held within one month to elect a new President under the same procedure as Article VI, Section 1, Sub-section c.

  5. The Association shall prescribe the duties of officers, which shall include, without being limited to the following:

    1. The President and Vice-President shall be the official representatives of the Association in its relations with other organizations, corporations, associations, governmental units and the public in general. The Steering Committee may appoint one or more temporary committees and delegate the authority thereto to conduct business for the Association on specified matters. No such committee shall have the authority of the membership with reference to amending, altering, or repealing the by-laws, or electing, appointing or removing any officer or Steering Committee member.  The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. The President and Vice-President shall carry out other duties as assigned from time to time by the Steering Committee.

    2. The Secretary shall be the custodian of the Association’s records and shall record the minutes of the Steering Committee and membership meetings, as directed by the Steering Committee.

    3. The Treasurer shall be custodian of the Association’s funds as directed by the Steering Committee. All receipts shall be deposited to and all disbursements shall be made from a checking account to be established in the name of the Association.


The Association shall not be operated for profit and shall be operated only for the purposes set forth in Article II.


No officer or member of the Association shall be personally liable for acts or omissions of any officer or member other than himself/herself, whether or not such act was in performance of official duties. No officer or member of the Association shall obligate the Association, by contract or otherwise, to perform any act or to incur any liability without prior authorization of the Steering Committee.


Any member of the Association shall be entitled to inspect the Association’s books and records at any duly called meeting of the Steering Committee or of the membership upon furnishing written notice to the President at least five days prior to such meeting.

Adopted June 1, 1977; Revised July 16, 1979,
March 1981, March 18, 1991, October 2, 2000, March 6, 2006, February 2, 2015.