Community Resources

Martin Acres and the City of Boulder have many valuable resources available to our community

Neighborhood Resources

Published by Martin Acres Neighborhood Association, the VOICE  newsletter is a great way of keeping abreast of neighborhood news and events.

The back side of the VOICE features short ads from neighborhood businesses. A surprising number of services can be found right here in the neighborhood! Martin Acres residents include handy-persons, painters, masseuses, physical therapists, editors, tree trimmers, lawn care businesses, you name it.

This the neighborhood email list serve (not that is privately operated by the Martin Acres Neighborhood Association, for Martin Acres residents. The only requirement is residency in the neighborhood. As of July, 2019, approximately 750 residents were participating on the manalist. Residents post about extra items they have to offer, or about things they’re looking for. People ask for recommendations for professional services. Others post about current events in the neighborhood and city that may be of interest to others. To subscribe to the manalist, email:

We are fortunate to have a wonderful, spacious park in our neighborhood on Martin Drive between 36th and 38th Streets (behind Creekside Elementary School).

The picnic shelter can be rented for barbecues, gatherings, etc. To reserve it, Call the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department at (303) 441- 7200, contact or go to

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S, and many homes in Boulder, including Martin Acres, register radon levels higher than EPA recommendations.

MANA has two electronic radon detectors that we lend out to Martin Acres residents.

The radon detectors are available for use by Martin Acres residents on a rotating basis. To help defray the cost of the new devices, we request a $5 donation, payable to MANA. Sliding scale arrangements are available if cost is an issue. To borrow the radon detectors, please contact Ron DePugh vie e-mail, or call Ron at 303-494-5650 to schedule a time to use one.
Your obligation is to return the system in its original condition after 7 days or replace it for $250 plus shipping cost if it is lost or damaged.

We use the Corentium 223 Digital Radon Monitor

We lend the radon detectors for a week at a time.

They are re-set to a zero level when beginning and after 48 hours will begin to indicate your reading soon. Later you can move the radon detector to different locations in your home if desired.

Typically the highest readings will be in the lowest level living space. Of course you can measure in your basement or crawlspace and you will get the highest reading. You can also put the detector outside under cover and find out what your ambient outdoor radon level is. If you have a reading that is higher than the baseline level of 4 PCi/L then it is recommended that you purchase your own radar radon detector and monitor it continuously to determine the long term trend. Readings can vary day to day slightly and more over longer periods.

Some recommend that it is better to measure in the winter heating season and again in the summer when your windows are open. That way you’ll have two readings, a worst case and best case scenario, or a high and low point.

Many people have had professional remediation due to high readings and then retest their home to verify the effectiveness of their radon systems.

The Rocky Mountain West is one of the highest radon areas in the country. The Front Range traditionally has radon levels above the baseline level set by the EPA. I strongly recommend every homeowner and renter check their home for radon levels.

You can learn more about radon from the following sources:

Local Businesses

Welcome to the Martin Acres Resident Services and Products list!

The criterion for being on this list is that:

  • Your product or service is offered from an address within Martin Acres; OR
  • You reside within Martin Acres

This directory is intended as a way for the neighbors of Martin Acres to learn more about their neighbors and the occupations, skills and passions they have.  Being on this list is not an endorsement by any person or organization.

While most of the services/products shown on the current list require a fee, it would be very interesting to see what kind of volunteer/barter/trade skills we have available as well.

Art Classes for All Ages
All classes offered out of my studio in Martin Acres

  • After-school Art Classes and Summer Art Camp for children
  • Adult painting and mixed media classes
  • Classes are ongoing and if there is space people can join at any time.  All levels are welcome.
  • Go to, click on “classes”
    Or call Page at 303-499-0511 (home), 720-300-5731 (cell)

Scott Sanders
Once upon a time I was a bicycle mechanic here locally and nationally for a couple of professional teams. I still have a bike shop of sorts in my garage… I would be willing to trade or barter my services.

McGregor’s Garden Preschool
From our home at 3535 Eastman Avenue. We started in 1990. We are licensed by the state for 12 kids per day from 7:15 to 4:45 Monday to Friday. We specialize in lots of field trips, cooking, gardening, science experiments, make-believe, digging, tree climbing, hiking, fishing, dancing, singing, and stories. We believe in old fashioned fun for kids and peace of mind for parents.

Tessie Delaney
Loving home offering part time childcare during week, possible snow days and weekends as well. I am an experienced elementary teacher with a Master’s degree in Education and mom to a 5-year old boy. We spend lots of time outside exploring nature and playing at parks. We read lots of books and have many toys for creative and dramatic play. Please email if interested for more info:

Danceophile Studio 
Tom Masterson offers ballroom dance instruction, classes, workshops as well as free dance programs. Dances include swing, foxtrot, waltz, salsa, tango, cha-cha, ethnic, 2-step, country & much more. Thought you had 2 left feet? Tom can turn them into graceful instruments for fun interactions with a partner.

Forget Me Not Flowers
Full-service flower arrangements for weddings and other occasions. Flowers are an integral part of a wedding. I can provide your flowers (arrangements, bouquets, corsages etc.) at a price that fits well into your budget!

  • Dorothy Myers, 720-291-7587

Community Roots
Neighborhood CSA and vegetable gardens

Barbara and Don McGregor
We pick the fruit and berries and make the syrup for the pancake breakfast

Boulder Sustainability Education Center
I live in Martin Acres and sell pastured fresh chicken and duck eggs for $5 a dozen. At some point I might have wildflower honey for sale (as my hives get bigger and produce more).

In addition, I am the director of a newly launched sustainable living school where I teach backyard chickens, organic beekeeping, organic gardening, 3-4 season gardening, fruit tree care and grafting, worm composting, and more. The goal is to be a resource for folks interested in relocalization and being more self reliant. Our classes are practical and hands on and geared towards urban city living.

Right now the school is run out of my house in Martin Acres. My house is a developing demonstration site.

Boulder Integrative Massage
Boulder Integrative Massage is a client centered massage therapy practice where the diverse needs of clients are honored and appreciated in a serene, nurturing environment.  I offer a wide range of services from Sports/ Orthopedic/ Medical Masssage to Vibrational Healing and postural retraining, acknowledging the intricate layers of bodily healing and the necessity for flexible and individualized care.

Boulder Peak Family Practice Inc.
Boulder Peak Family Practice Inc. is dedicated to its patients as a small-scale, excellence-driven practice providing multigenerational healthcare, Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT), and sports medicine. The clinic will provide quality care and personalized service, and will support the local community through outreach programs.

Rosemary Hegarty
I am a Physical therapist, specializing with back pain, headaches, neck pain, visceral issues, with humans. I also practice canine and animal physical therapy. I use a variety of techniques including Lowen techniques, craniosacral and visceral mobilization. Contact info is below

Kellie Mayber C.M.T.
I am a local certified massage therapist.

I do Swedish and deep tissue massage and have specialized in prenatal, infant and post partum massage.

Lorna Kellogg
I’ve been working as a Business Coach and Life Coach for 18 years and offer a complimentary sample coaching session for anyone interested in learning more about working with a coach.

Housecleaning by Jewel
Affordable rates, trustworthy and reliable, references available

  • Call Jewel 303-323-5070

Greener Gardeners
We specialize in edible landscaping, applied permaculture principles, and xeriscape. Our services include bed maintenance (weed, prune, mulch), landscape design, composting. We are a new small business that focuses on ecologically appropriate landscaping principles, design, installation, and maintenance.

Arbor Vital Tree Care

Nationally certified professional arborist located in Martin Acres.

I offer free firewood if picked up (it’s unsplit). I also offer wood chip mulch delivered for a nominal fee. 

  • David Schaldach, 303-919-8183

Corinne McKay, CT
I am an ATA-certified French to English translator, specializing in legal, financial and marketing translation for quality-conscious clients throughout the U.S. and Europe, and educational and arts/humanities translations for the publishing industry.

  • In addition, I have a particular interest in free and open source software for translators, and in teaching aspiring translators.
  • Corinne McKay, 303-499-9622,

Tom Masterson
I offer communication and translation services in German, French, and Ukrainian.

City Lock
Owned by Martin Acres resident Jeffrey Rosen.  Martin Acres is right in the middle of City Lock’s zone 1 service area

Trekking in Nepal

  • Tom Masterson offers an incredible trek in Nepal, May 2009.
  • Experience the exhilaration & grandeur of the Himalayas and the culture of the Sherpa peoples of Nepal.
  • On this unforgettable trek you will be hiking on trails beside stupendous river gorges, enormous glaciers, high peaks, through rhododendron forests, alpine tundra, remote villages, with views of some of the highest peaks and most beautiful mountains in the world.
  • Tom Masterson, 303-499-6363,

8Z Real Estate
Top level service for all of your real estate needs.

Specializing in the Martin Acres and Majestic Heights neighborhoods.  Visit my Martin Acres real estate site at

Neighborhood discounts available and donation from each closing to Creekside Elementary School.

Let’s meet and I’ll show you why I am the area’s best choice for buying and selling the neighborhood’s real estate. No risk, no obligation.

Silver Fern Homes
Silver Fern Homes provides exceptional service for buyers and sellers of Boulder real estate . We also use conference rooms/remote office services in several cities so we can serve our clients near their homes, but most of the time we’re working right out of our house in Martin Acres.

Learn more by visiting our research blog at

Maven Realty and Property Management
Providing high quality residential rental property management in the Boulder area.

Full-service, reduced cost Real Estate Broker Services- buying and selling.

Both services come with my extensive experience and intricate knowledge of construction and real estate finance.

Shiela Mudd Roberts

Providing exceptional full service, reduced fee Real Estate services to Buyers, Sellers and Investors.

I bought and sold over 20 properties before becoming licensed which allows me to offer an incomparable, in depth analysis of the Boulder, Denver and Front Range markets.

I live in Martin Acres and work all over the Boulder/Denver Metro Area.

  • Shiela Mudd Roberts, Colorado Landmark, Realtors®
  • 2350 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302
  • Office: (303) 443-3377, Cell: (720) 628-8454

Looking for storyteller for your school, family reunion, or significant birthday? Susan brings literature, history, improvisational fantasy, and personal experience to life – presenting to diverse audiences nationwide.

Interested in honing your own presentation skills? Susan teaches adult classes in speaking and storytelling.

Her motto is, “Give me a place to stand, and I will take you somewhere else.”

Scott Sanders
I have a shop full of bicycle tools, some parts, and the usual assortment of D.I.Y. home repair tools.

I might be able to volunteer my sawzall reciprocating saw, belt sander, or my skill of removing the steelbuck window frames

Tom Masterson
Call me if you need a vibrating/palm sander; many other small power tools available as well

Tom Masterson
I offer tutoring in physics & math to university and high school students.

Barbara and Don McGregor
We are available to do all sorts of volunteer jobs in the area as needed.

Boulder Valley School District

Creekside Elementary School is located on Martin Drive between 36th and 38th Streets. This wonderful, diverse public elementary school was recently remodeled and is now one of the most modern, well-equipped public elementary schools in Boulder.

The Bridge House

The Bridge House Ready-to-Work program is located at 4747 Table Mesa Dr,  just south of the Postal Station. It sits at the exact NE corner of Moorhead and Table Mesa Dr. Their Ready-to-Work program is a model in-residence re-integration program for formerly homeless individuals. The building houses 44 individuals who also receive vocation training in a number of fields. The Ready-to-Work program provides assistance to MANA’s annual pancake and also offers workers for the community. Contact the Bridge House at (720) 325-7431.


Regional Transit District (RTD) bus routes connect Martin Acres to surrounding areas via every-few-minutes shuttles up and down Broadway, as well as trips throughout town, and regional service to other Boulder County cities, Denver, and Denver Intl’ Airport. Information can be found here:

Information about purchasing an annual RTD “Eco-Pass” can be found here:

City Government and Local Resources

The City of Boulder website is extensive, and contains information about innumerable subjects relevant to city residents:

Reynolds Branch of the Boulder Public Library is at 3595 Table Mesa Drive and Gillaspie. Information can be found here:

The Boulder City Council consists of nine duly-elected representatives of the people. To express your concerns about any Boulder-related matters and/or city services to your elected local representatives, email City Council at

To stay abreast of City Council decisions and deliberations that may affect you and the neighborhood, subscribe to the City Council email Hotline by going to:

The Boulder Planning Board consists of seven citizens who are appointed by City Council. They approve or deny building projects of commercial and residential nature. To express your concerns about building projects email:

To learn of, and stay abreast of, building and development projects around Martin Acres and throughout the City, subscribe to the City of Boulder Planning Department newsletter at:

To obtain a building permit, go to or call the City of Boulder at (303) 441-3280.

Police and Fire non-emergency dispatch number: (303) 441-3333

Noise disturbances, excessively loud parties: Police non-emergency dispatch number: (303) 441-3333.

Dogs, excessive barking: Police non-emergency dispatch number: (303) 441-3333.

City of Boulder Code Enforcement handles nuisance abatement and violations include:

  • Failure to remove snow and ice from one’s sidewalk
    • Overgrown tree branches
    • Trash and litter violations
    • Weed control and too-tall vegetation
    • Sidewalk obstructions
    • Wood burning restrictions
    • Illegal over-occupancy of dwelling units
    • Unlicensed co-op houses
    • Unlicensed rental houses
    • Zoning and code violations
    • Building without a permit

To report concerns or violations related to any of the above topics, residents may use the (anonymous if desired) “Inquire Boulder” site: Dogs, excessive barking: Police non-emergency dispatch number: (303) 441-3333.

The City of Boulder has a web page about Asbestos: 

There is also a lot of good information about Asbestos and recycling it here:   


University of Colorado

The CU Off Campus Housing and Neighborhood Relations Office. Phone: 303-492-7053 or Email: According to their website, their Mission Statement is: “Educating and supporting students in their development of independent life skills.”

Their website states that they accomplish this by:

  • Helping students make informed choices about housing and roommates
  • Encouraging students to become knowledgeable and responsible tenants
  • Assisting students in gaining the proficiency to solve problems when landlord and roommate difficulties arise
  • Advocating an off-campus student perspective to landlords as well as city policy makers
  • Developing student awareness of community values and responsibilities
  • Creating valuable partnerships with community stakeholders

Federal Government Resources

The High-Mar United States Postal Station at 4985 Moorhead Ave, Boulder, CO 80305. We’re fortunate to have a satellite postal station in the neighborhood, two buildings in from the NE corner of Moorhead and Table Mesa Dr. The station rents PO boxes, and is available for shipping packages (or picking up packages they attempted to deliver to your house).