MANAlist Guidelines

Martin Acres Neighborhood Association Email List Guidelines

The purpose of the MANAlist is to serve neighbors. Please be neighborly. MANA list guidelines prohibit personal attacks, racist or sexist comments, doxing, hate speech, name-calling or intimidation. Engaging in any of these activities will be grounds for removal from the list. Please be kind.

  1. Commercial postings by businesses for commercial purposes are prohibited. The MANAlist is a list of neighbors, for neighbors, and a supplement to the VOICE, our neighborhood newsletter. It is a tool for neighborhood communications, not a place for advertising. Commercial postings include but are not limited to advertisements, info-mercials, marketing emails, specials, discounts, press releases, etc
  2. Advertising in the VOICE newsletter and web site are the approved places for paid advertising. See either for advertising information. We appreciate our neighborhood businesses, and recognize them for their generosity.
  3. Signature. Business and personal signatures are allowed as long as the following guidelines are followed:
    • The signature should be of minimal length. If you have a long signature, please consider using another email account with a shorter signature.
    • Posting excessively or responding to an email without content in order to have your signature seen on the list will not be tolerated and users will be moderated.
    • When responding to an email, please consider if your reply is of value to the entire list or if you could reply personally to the sender only. (For example, not all 750 subscribers need to know when you’re coming by someone’s house to get free firewood.) To do this, simply delete the default email address in the“To” field of the message you’re preparing to send. Look for the individual’s unique, personal email address (it will appear in their message) and copy and paste it, instead, into your “To” field. That way, you two can be in communication, without clogging everyone’s inbox.
    • Trim your posts. No need to include the rest of the comments on a given topic—simply reference the topic you are addressing in the subject line.
  1. Selling is acceptable on the list, if you don’t have a business selling that item or product.
  1. Events: A one-time posting of an event is allowed. Be sure to follow guidelines in #3 above.
  1. Free items to give away are okay for any person, or business, to post. Please follow guidelines in #3.
  1. Requests for services through the MANA list, and the posting of a recommendation is allowed. Businesses may reply directly to the requestor. Business should avoid “reply all” to the MANAlist, please reply only to the requestor.*

*Email client software varies in how a reply versus a reply all is handled. Please contact your email provider if you need assistance. occasional updates and additional details will be posted on the web site and communicated to the MANAlist.

The guidelines may not cover every conceivable contingency or situation. For questions or issues not covered by the guidelines, contact the MANA Steering Committee. The MANA Steering Committee, along with several neighbor volunteers, forms a team who are investing their time to provide the VOICE and MANAlist services to Martin Acres residents. Please attend Steering Committee meetings held on the first Monday of nearly every month, in order to effect change or provide feedback. Visit MartinAcres.Org for more information about the Martin Acres neighborhood.

Thank you,

Martin Acres Neighborhood Association Steering Committee

(restated June 2014)